Located in Green Brook, NJ

No mean exaggerations

The award-winning Blue Studios, located in Somerset County, NJ,  provides NJ’s best, most elegant caricatures. Our specialty is drawing beautiful cartoon likenesses without embarrassing your guests. 

Our primary artist is Christine Fusco, who was taught at NJ’s Great Adventure way back in 1999. She has been painting and drawing professionally ever since.

We also offer pet portraits, house portraits, and other art services. Learn more by clicking the links below!


just amazing likenesses

Our Services

Party Caricatures

On-site marker sketches drawn of your party guests

Pet Portraits

Your beloved pets, carefully hand-painted with acrylic color

Commissioned Art

• Portraits in graphite
• Paintings and drawings of your home
• Studio caricatures


Why Us?

The Best Reviews

Five-star ratings
everywhere you look

25 Years of Experience

Producing professional artwork
since 1999

no mean exaggeration

Christine captures your guests’ likenesses without making fun of them