Located in Green Brook, NJ

about the blue studios caricatures

A message from the artist

I have always been fascinated with faces – the expressions, bone
structure, the uniqueness of each person and the variations within and
between nationalities. I have explored the beauty of faces extensively
on my journey to becoming a BFA while studying anatomy, life drawing,
illustration, graphic design, drawing, painting and life drawing.

While in college, I spent my summers working as a caricature artist
at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. While working there, so
many people asked me if I was available for private parties that I
printed up some business cards and The Blue Studios Caricatures was

Whether it’s a graduation, wedding, new baby, family portrait or
other event you’d like your guests to remember forever, I’d be delighted
to apply that magical touch through amazing caricatures.

~Christine Fusco, Artist and Proprietor


Worried about offending your guests? Expecting a throng of sensitive
teens? Don’t worry – we know how to capture them without drawing giant
noses, buck teeth, and sailboat ears. You don’t need to give your guests
a complex when you give them a caricature.

Christine Fusco, award-winning artist of the Blue Studios, has been
caricaturing professionally for 22 years and can get an amazing likeness
without mean over-exaggeration. And she’s fast – only about 3-4 minutes
per person. No, this isn’t Paris, she’s right here in Central NJ!

Do your Google search, check out all those gold stars and rave reviews, and then click here and book your party. Discounts available for 4+ hours or events in the immediate Green Brook area.


The Blue Studios Caricatures and Clients over the years include Amazon, Fox 5 News and JP Morgan. As a day job, Christine does illustration work for Johnson & Johnson. She is a two-time award winner on Caricaturama 3000, a caricature competition for famous illustrators and caricaturists worldwide.

After many years of doing only caricatures, Christine felt her fine arts training calling. Having majored in drawing, illustration and life arts, Christine chose to offer some fine arts based products.

These really took off during the covid lockdown! Suddenly, everybody wanted a pet portrait or a house painting. Which was good, since it was a very lean time for party entertainers


On-site marker sketches drawn of your party guests

Your beloved pets, carefully hand-painted with acrylic color

• Portraits in graphite
• Paintings and drawings of your home
• Studio caricatures