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studio portraits and caricatures

Sensitive, beautiful pencil portraits are Christine’s most natural and intuitive types of artwork.

For the studio caricatures, there are a couple different types. StudioSnaps are line art caricatures, usually colored, either headshots or full body creations with backgrounds. They’re created digitally, creating artwork that is similar in style to the live party caricatures, but are very polished and of publishing quality.

The HyperReal works are digital paintings that are rendered realistically, but have caricatured proportions. Remember how we said that The Blue Studios doesn’t do mean exaggerations? Well, celebrities are immune from that and a few years ago Christine just wanted to see how far she could go!

Understandably, no client has ever actually asked for a HyperReal caricature. They take weeks and they’re not cheap. But we thought you’d appreciate seeing the celebrity gallery. And if you need an illustration of a celebrity in this style for publishing, definitely shoot The Blue Studios an email.

Prices are based on complexity and, for hand-drawn pencil portraits, size. The digital caricatures can be printed at any size.

portrait and studio caricature Gallery

On-site marker sketches drawn of your party guests

Your beloved pets, carefully hand-painted with acrylic color

Portraits in graphite
Paintings and drawings of your home
Studio caricatures