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Month: November 2022

  • WARREN – Wedding at The Stone House

    This beautiful lady was drawn at a lovely wedding at The Stone House in Warren. Notice something missing? Her name! When the music is loud, I can’t hear names properly… and the last thing anyone wants is a redraw because I wrote the wrong name. Sometimes I’ll hand the person a “Please Write Your Name”…

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  • Monroe, NJ – Corporate Holiday Party

    monroe, NJ – corporate holiday party


    This tween was so precocious and sweet, I really enjoyed the few minutes we shared.  The Blue Studios Caricatures feature Christine, aka The Kindest Caricature Artist in NJ! No mean exaggerations here, just perfect likenesses that are perfect for elegant affairs… or sensitive teens. Based in Green Brook, NJ. Book at 732.645-BLUE (-2835) or email…

  • WHITEHOUSE, NJ – Kid’s Birthday Party

    This one gets me every time. Some babies are very, very serious… but their moms ask me to draw them smiling, and I oblige. But this mom told me to draw this gorgeous girl exactly as I saw her. No fake smile for her – this kid is accepted for exactly who she is, seriousness…