First Birthday Party – Staten Island

Josh & Gizele Caricature


This couple was drawn at The Stone House at Clove Lakes, a beautiful venue in Staten Island. It was a first birthday for twins – I wish I had gotten a photo of the twins’ drawing, it was so cute! But they were being passed around from grandma to auntie to cousin, so I didn’t get a chance. Ah well, Josh and Gizela were cute, too!

The Blue Studios Caricatures feature Christine, aka The Kindest Caricature Artist in NJ! No mean exaggerations here, just perfect likenesses that are perfect for elegant affairs… or sensitive teens. Based in Green Brook, NJ.

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I Drew Huey Lewis!

I was honored to run into Huey Lewis at a gig in Princeton. I was so nervous! But he was a nice guy, and when I showed him his drawing, he was very excited – he LOVED it!
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